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Section Symbol – How to Type Section Symbols in Any Program

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The section symbol (“§,” also known as the section sign, or sometimes the “double s”) is the source of significant frustration within the legal community — it’s very frequently used, but also a pain to insert into documents. This post will teach you how to type the section symbol into any program through a variety of methods for both PC and Mac users; you can choose what works best for you.

Typing the Section Symbol for PC Users

Without a program like LawCuts, the easiest way to insert section symbols in most applications is with an “alt code”: you hold down the “Alt” button while typing a series of numbers, then release. For the section sign, press “Alt + 0167.” In some applications, you can also use “Alt + 21” — however, this shortcut is a little bit less reliable, so “Alt + 0167” is your best bet.

Typing the Section Symbol for Mac Users

Typing the section symbol is fairly easy for Mac users: just hold down “Option + 7” to type the section symbol.

Typing the Section Symbol in Microsoft Word

In addition to the alt codes or shortcuts above, there are two additional ways to type the section symbol in Microsoft Word:

First, you can navigate to the “Insert” menu and click “Symbol” on the far-right side.

Symbols Button in Microsoft Word

Click “More Symbols.”

Symbols Menu in Microsoft Word

Navigate to the section sign.

Section Symbol in Microsoft Word Symbols Menu

After using the section sign once in a document, the section sign then appear in the collection of symbols that drop down when you initially click the “Symbol” button.

Second, you can also use Unicode to type section symbols in Word. To type a section symbol with Unicode, type 00a7 and then hold down “Alt + X.” The “00a7” will disappear and will be replaced by the section symbol. That being said, “Alt + 0167” is still an option in Microsoft Word.

LawCuts: An Easier Way to Insert Section Symbols (And Many More Legal Symbols!) for PC Users

As you can see, inserting section symbols and other legal symbols is highly inefficient and frustrating for PC users, particularly when done on a repeated basis. The solution to all this? LawCuts — a cheap ($1.99/month) keyboard shortcuts program designed for lawyers. With LawCuts, you can use the same, intuitive legal symbol in any application.

All LawCuts shortcuts use the same “Ctrl + Alt” prefix, accompanied by an easy-to-remember letter. For example, a section symbol is simply “Ctrl + Alt + S” and a paragraph symbol is “Ctrl + Alt + P.” You can see all of the LawCuts shortcuts in this cheat sheet, which lists all of the legal symbols shortcuts using LawCuts (plus a number of relevant Microsoft Word shortcuts). Click here for a free 14-day trial!

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