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LawCuts releases productivity software for legal professionals

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LawCuts has announced that it has released its flagship software product: a keyboard shortcuts program that allows legal professionals to type legal shortcuts quickly on PCs.

Although many legal technology products aim to fundamentally change the way that legal professionals work, LawCuts aims to make the current work of lawyers and paralegals more efficient. The amount of time spent on typing legal symbols adds up quickly: if an individual types just 4-5 legal symbols per day, the time spent typing symbols quickly adds up to nearly a workday of lost productivity over the course of a year. By addressing the “low-hanging fruit” of productivity, LawCuts aims to improve the quality of a lawyer’s billable hour.

The software, which can be downloaded at, includes two components. First, it provides a keyboard shortcuts program that allows users to type legal symbols (such as §, ¶, ©, and —) in any program with a quick keystroke. For example, to type a section symbol, the user simply presses “control + alt + s.” Other symbols follow a similar convention (e.g., “+ r” for ® and “+ t” for ™).

Second, the program includes a Microsoft Word ribbon that allows users to type legal symbols with the click of a button. This feature is particularly helpful for users who prefer to use their mouse over keyboard shortcuts — making the process much easier than navigating the “More Symbols” menu in Microsoft Word.

The program allows for the easy typing of 26 commonly-used legal symbols, which can be found here.

Users who download the LawCuts software are automatically given a 14-day free trial. After 14 days, the user can purchase a license key for as low as $1.99/month. Volume discounts are available for purchasers of more than 50 license keys (customers can reach out to for inquiries).