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How LinkSquares is Harnessing AI to Streamline Contract Revision

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LinkSquares is an artificial intelligence-powered contract lifecycle management platform that automates repetitive tasks and provides valuable insight into contracts. Forget wasting valuable minutes manually searching for a single document. The easy-to-use platform promotes efficiency by quickly helping teams reduce manual, time-consuming processes.

By automating the contract revision process, LinkSquares can virtually eliminate time-consuming clerical tasks to help boost overall productivity.  LinkSquares secures contract data and agreements in one easily accessible repository to help streamline pre- and post-signature processes. The system uniquely functions to mitigate risk while enhancing company insight to its agreements. As the first AI-powered contract analytics and management software, LinkSquares is pioneering the future landscape of the legal profession.

The software consists of two modules:

Finalize: Pre-Signature

Finalize operates as a supplement to Microsoft Word and is designed to help finalize documents faster while maintaining full transparency in the review and approval process. For every active contract, automated email notifications and workflow management allow deals to be fully monitored. This system automatically pools every “turn” of a document to clearly organize and streamline the lifecycle of a contract.  For a more detailed Finalize product demo, click here.

Analyze: Post-Signature

Analyze utilizes AI to extract contract data to empower firms with a better understanding of the content of their contracts. There are preprogrammed key terms called smart values that include terms like effective date, the renewal date, and the termination date. The program utilizes these smart terms to generate Excel reports that can be shared with the rest of the team. For example, the software allows you to review all the contracts that are going to renew in the next quarter and generate a corresponding datasheet. For a more detailed Analyze product demo, click here.

A testament to the software’s success is the reliance of companies like Draft Kings, VMware, and Asurion on LinkSquares’ technology to more efficiently run their businesses.

LinkSquares is not only revolutionizing the contract editing process with technology, but also helping firms better understand and manage the risks and liabilities within their documents.

Some additional highlights of the software include:


Which stands for optical character recognition, is a unique technology that can read text in images. LinkSquares’ OCR software simplifies converting scanned PDF’s, faxes, or photographs of documents into regular, searchable text files.

Smart Values

LinkSquares automatically extracts Smart Values which are key pieces of data that give you insights into what was agreed upon within the document. From this data, users can generate custom searches and reports to better understand their business.

Visit the LinkSquares website for a product demo.

Tara Pimentel is a rising 2L at Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA. 

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