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Announcing the launch of the LawCuts Blog!

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We’re proud to announce the launch of the LawCuts Blog! In addition to providing productivity software to lawyers, LawCuts aims to help educate lawyers and other legal professionals on ways to make their lives easier.

LawCuts — which will be launching its first product within a week — was started with the goal of completely removing the irksome parts of being a lawyer, beginning with a simple fix to one of the most common problems for legal professionals: typing legal symbols. Our founders were blown away by how many of their colleagues insert symbols (like the em dash, for instance) into their documents by searching for the relevant symbol on Google, copying it, and reopening their document to paste it in. So, for just a couple of bucks per month, lawyers can subscribe to the LawCuts software and insert legal symbols with easy-to-remember shortcuts that work in any application.

While providing the LawCuts product is (and will always remain) the core of LawCuts’ mission, this blog furthers this mission by providing other hacks and tricks that can make your lives easier. Look here for content on advances in legal technology, productivity tips (particularly for PC and Microsoft Word users), and time-saving products and services.

While lawyers earn income by billing by the hour, it always helps to increase efficiency — after all, improving the quality of the billable hour is the best way that attorneys can bring in more clients. This blog is dedicated to just that: helping attorneys improve the quality of the billable hour.

If you have recommendations for content you’d like us to cover or legal tech products you’d like us to review, please reach out to us at And, of course, we’d love it if you followed us on Twitter (@LawCuts), Facebook, and LinkedIn!