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Keyboard shortcuts for lawyers

LawCuts is a productivity solution designed specifically for lawyers.

With a single download, our software lets you type any legal symbol into any application with a quick keystroke.
For example, to insert a section symbol (§), you just press “Ctrl + Alt + S.”

We even provide you with a one-page guide of legal shortcuts to help you get started — click here to check it out.

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Save time — and focus on your clients

You probably waste over a dozen hours per year on legal symbols. Don’t believe us? See how quickly you can insert a section symbol or paragraph symbol into a case search in your web browser.
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Developed with mouse fans in mind

Don’t like keyboard shortcuts? No problem. Your download also includes the LawCuts ribbon in Word, which lets you insert legal symbols with the click of a button — so say goodbye to the annoying “More Symbols” menu!
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Perfect for every practice

Every lawyer and law firm can benefit from LawCuts shortcuts — from patent litigators to cross-border M&A attorneys. You’ll have access to a wide range of legal shortcuts, ranging from IP-related symbols to currency abbreviations.
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Rock-bottom pricing

Buy LawCuts for as low as $1.99/month. In other words, cut out a major pain point in your life for the cost of a single soft drink.
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Try for free

The best part? You get 14 days to try it out — for free. Just click here to get started.